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November 2019

Virginia Larrauri Blanco (Strategic Partner Manager, Online Partnerships Group)

Pavel Pimshin (Channel Partner Manager, Online Partnerships Group)

ExMarketPlace and the University of Economy of Florence hosted the event while Virginia and Pavel presented the paths that brought them into Google. After their personal experiences, the speech covered all steps and requirements students must follow to apply to Google. The initiative was intended to give also information regarding interviews and internships.

100 students participated actively to the Google speech and some of them continued to pursue the possibility to apply, supported by ExMarketPlace and the University.

University of Economy of Florence, Italy

November 2019 Conference Hall

50 students of the Strategic Marketing & Communications Class participated to the Internship.

Title: “Publisher portfolio strategies for Google AdManager - Channel Partner ExMarketPlace”

      mapping of publishers globally
      mapping of the actors (dealers, agencies, etc.)
      analysis of skills and trends
      definition of a publisher portfolio and of the strategies of approach
      transfer of the results in university education to stimulate interest on the topic
      carrying out a review of academic articles
      creation of a collection of articles from specialized magazines/journals, databases and websites
      meeting with the client to verify points 6 and 7 and to achieve research objectives (points 1-5
      production of a presentation for classroom seminars
      definition of a project work to be carried out with the students in the classroom and tutoring in execution
      presentation of project work results and production of a reports/articles for external communication
University of Economy of Florence, Italy

October 2018

Marketing automation and reports usage for decision makers and online communication strategy. First Seminar hosted by Alessandro for ExMarketPlace