SEM /Paid User Acquisition

ExMarketPlace offers through its automation technology performance advertising activities for its clients on brand awareness, lead generation and e-commerce projects.Our specialized team promotes in the digital ecosystem vertically and exclusively activities, products, and services on all the major advertising platforms (Google Ads; Microsoft Advertising - Bing, Yahoo! Verizon; Facebook; Outbrain, Taboola, MGID, Instagram; Amazon; Yandex Direct as well as its own Publisher Network and trusted Network Partners in tier 2 digital supply).

ExMarketPlace's team speaks 11 Languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukraine, Swedish, Hindi, Urdu, Pashto and can target any market and user on the globe.

Marketing Automation Platform
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ExMarketPlace Marketing Automation Platform

The ExMarketPlace Marketing Automation Platform provides a customized console for the orchestration and tracking of complex digital marketing flows

  • 1. Digital Web Presence Management
  • 2. Outbound Communication Management
  • 3. Social Communication Management
  • 4. Promotions Management
  • 5. Directory Management
  • 6. Internal Coordination
  • 7. Campaign Management
  • 8. Digital Asset Management
  • 9. Cloud Content Management
  • 10. Advanced Dashboard and Analytics
Business Process and Workforce Robotic Automation

The ExMarketPlace Platform provides a process automation system that allows to manage complex business processes. A business process is a flow mainly composed of automatic tasks, and gateways that direct the flow.

Dynamic comment and approval process

ExMarketPlace provides advanced and fully customizable approval systems, used to automate and provide maximum agility to the content approval process of assets such as Banner Ads, Text Ads, Landing Pages related to the campaign. The system allows the implementation of custom workflows for approval processes based on client requirements. The following picture provides a sample of the comment and approval page:

Dashboards and Tracking

The ExMarketPlace Marketing Automation Platform provides access to Dashboards and real time analytics for maximum performance and control, as well as several views related to campaign performance in terms of traffic data and financial data including the following:

Multi-Campaign Management
General Campaign Overview
Traffic Overview
Conversion Monitoring
SEM Benchmarks
Audience Tracking
Timeline View

The timeline allows to keep track of activities performed overtime and to connect change in trends and traffic patterns to specific actions executed during the campaign.