Google Certified Publishing Partner

ExMarketPlace, Google Certified Publishing Partner, offers full-stack monetization and optimization solutions allowing monetization CPM & CPC with Display, Video & In-App products and has exclusive access to Alpha&Beta features available just for Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Through a Server-to-server header bidding system, ExMarketPlace offers publishers inventory to the major Ad Exchanges connected such as: Verizon Media, Rubicon Project, Amazon Advertising, Xandr, OpenX, Improve Digital, Index Exchange, PubMatic, Sovrn, Smart+ etc; as well as direct integration with Native solutions such as Flurry, OutBrain and Taboola.

User-first approach is the main focus of ExMarketPlace's strategy to maximize revenue in the short term and increase users' loyalty and retention in a long term perspective.

ExMarketPlace is a Strategic Technology Partner that brings to its publishers ad-serving infrastructure and dedicated Yield Management to get the most out from each single revenue stream. We support international publishing company on this continuum evolution process and relieving them from a whole series of operations related to the management of commercial activities.

ExMarketPlace works exclusively with Direct Publishers and each collaboration starts from the publisher’s needs.

Understanding Partners’ business Goals and Operations is the first part of our strategy since it sets the baseline to grow the business generated from the collaboration.

A dedicated highly qualified international team (24/7) listen and understand each single Partner's goal to define the best strategy to maximize success and brand value in the long term.

ExMarketPlace's Partners have access to a sophisticated dashboard with always up to date tools&features.

Business strategy is tailored and customized to enhance user experience and brand value of each property.

ExMarketPlace FZ has been "Verified by TAG" and approved for listing in the TAG Registry of known and trusted players in the digital ad ecosystem. ExMarketPlace supports the growth of a transparent digital advertising supply chain by becoming TAG Registered. You can verify our Registry here.


ExMarketPlace FZ has achieved the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal for adopting industry best practices to prevent ad fraud. ExMarketPlace is committed to increasing transparency between Buyers and Sellers globally by reducing ad waste and promoting a healthy digital advertising ecosystem. You can verify our status in the TAG Registry here.


Open Bidding & Header Bidding Partners
Open Bidding & Header Bidding Partners


Get access to all Iab Standard banners sizes with dynamic allocation technology, means the highest paying size appears on the ad spot.


Ads that give a better look and feel to your website, better usability and better CTR's.


Google new outstream video formats on display inventory with the following placements for web traffic: i) In feed video ii) In article video iii) Native video ExMarketPlace can provide such formats as well as yield optimization on all formats in a unified auction

Caching System

We provides to partners best-in-class ad serving infrastructure, tools and strategies

We developed an infrastructure that Uses Varnish Cache as reverse proxy to achieve impressive benefits on:

  • Speed and performance (up to 500/1000 times)
  • Savings in server infrastructure
  • Protection against outages—if the main server fails, Varnish continues to serve cached content
  • SSL support with NGINX web service

“Since the beginning ExMarketPlace's team and business culture was visioned to be ‘think global but act local’ and today We went much further and think Global/Local and act Local/Global in an economical environment in which it cannot simply be ‘do like romans do’. There are more dimensions of relations involved and all of those are becoming natural in ExMarketPlace’s culture. We are Global, We are Local, We are Unique All Together and my team, our team, our team's relationships is our uniqueness and real value in the digital transformation upcoming future.” - Alessandro Lenzi

Google Ad Exchange Program

Doubleclick Ad Exchange by Google is the new and exclusive Real-Time bidding marketplace. It combines AdWords advertisers and hundreds of other demand sources.


Ad Exchange gives you access to numerous networks to cover various demand sources: Retargeting, Ad Networks, Agencies.


With ADX you can increase the ads on your page to a maximum of 5. Drastically increasing your revenue potential.


You can customize your own backup Ad sources when ADX cannot buy an impression above your floor price.

Advanced Reporting
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ExMarketPlace is a dynamic forward thinking company that works with the most enthusiastic professionals in the business. We are constantly searching for talented individuals who share the philosophy of our company.

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