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About Google Ad Exchange Program

Doubleclick Ad Exchange by Google is the new and exclusive Real-Time bidding marketplace.
It combines AdWords advertisers and hundreds of other demand sources.

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Ad Exchange gives you access to numerous networks to cover various demand sources: Retargenting, Ad Networks, Agencies.

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With ADX you can increase the ads on your page to a maximum of 5. Drastically increasing your revenue potential.



You can customize your own backup Ad sources when ADX cannot buy an impression above your floor price.

Google ADX

Why Choose Google ADX?

Unlike Google AdSense, ADX monetizes based on Impressions (CPM).
Users will not have to leave your site for you to monetize the traffic. Furthermore, you can use up to 5 Ad Units on a webpage, without size limitations.

Still Not Sure?

You can use your current AdSense Units as backups in case ADX cannot fill inventory.
Google ADX also gives you more control over what banners are appearing on your website.
Through our internal reporting system you will see the Categories, Geography and Brands of each Ad Unit, and you can block any of the ones you don't like!

Google ADX

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