Google Ad Manager and AdSense

AdSense Google DFP Integration

Google Ad Manager and AdSense

Google Ad Manager is the new brand that replaces the well known Doubleclick For Publishers. Most of the publishers use Ad Manager (or DFP) to rotate Direct Ads and Remnant Ads with Dynamic Allocation but typically this approach doesn't consider some special formats available on Adsense. Link Units and Matched Content are great solutions for different aspects: a) with the Link Units, Publishers can generate additional revenues with a different model (2-click model) and without affecting the UX, b) Matched Content provides internal link as well as external (paid) links with great flexibility on the look&feel. ExMarketPlace provides support and technology to optimize revenues and UX managing these formats through the Ad Manager

Some benefits

Once AdSense and Ad Manager are linked, publishers can realize line-items with dedicated sizes that match the Link Unit and Matched Content sizes. Then, Ad Manager will provide the name of the AdSense Ad Unit to recall the special format. In this way, each publisher can provide those ad-spaces that previously were reserved only to the link units and/or matched content even to programmatic/direct buyers. In the same way, the formats that previously were reserved to standard banners and/or native ads by Adx, now can be used to increase loyalty (Matched Content) or monetization (Link Units) with different revenue streams. The ExMarketPlace strategy is focused to find the best balance between monetization and loyalty working in partnership with its Publishers and considering the global initiatives: 1) Better Ads Coalition, 2) Ads.txt, 3) Google News Initiative.

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