Programmatic Glossary

Programmatic ad Glossary

Programmatic Glossary

ATD: agency trading desk

An owned agency that handles programmatic buying for a media agency. Different from ITD that are independent from a Media Center.

SSP: Supply Side platform

Software platform that allows publishers to connect their inventory with ad exchanges, networks, and DSPs at the same time to sell impressions at their highest value in real time.

DSP: demand side platform

Platform that allows buyers to automate the purchase of display, video, mobile, and search ads.

DMP: Data management platform

Centralized management platform used by agencies, publishers, and brands helps manage first-party data and integrate it with third-party data to tie user information and activity together and optimize media buys.

RTB: Real time bidding OA

Inventory prices are decided in real-time through an auction and advertiser or any buyer can participate. open auction

PA: Private Auction

A Private auction is very similar to an open auction, except publishers restrict participation to selected advertisers only.

PD: Preferred Deal

Preferred Deals is a feature that allows sellers to offer inventory to buyers at a negotiated fixed price, before the inventory is made available to other buyers in the Open Auction

PG: programmatic guaranteed

Sellers and buyers negotiate a deal with a set price and run date. This is completed outside of an auction.